DIY Faux Zebra Rug

DIY faux zebra rug 3

Don’t worry vegans…no animals were harmed in the production of this rug.

Before I saw them popping up all over Pinterest, I first saw a gold zebra hide rug on One Kings Lane.

I swooned.

I craved.

I noticed the $739 price tag and hung my head in defeat.

BUT a few weeks later I came across this post on Home Depot’s blog about a DIY faux zebra rug that looked amazing and cost less than the tax on the OKL rug.  JACKPOT.

DIY faux zebra rug 2
I made this large rug for a client’s baby shower and nursery for only $54!!

Granted, it did take some sweat equity.

I geared up for a night of painting and planted myself and my supplies in front of the TV for a Real Housewives marathon. (Don’t judge me…I am fully aware that the entire franchise of shows is total rubbish. But it’s entertaining rubbish…And I watch them ALL.)

The baby shower I planned had a “Posh Safari” theme. Full post with loads of details coming next week. (I know…what a tease, right?)

The rug was planted under the “Mama Chair”, so the mom-to-be could be center stage for games and presents. It will also be used in baby boy’s nursery. Can you imagine newborn pics on this thang’?!?

Last weekend was baby-shower-pa-looza in my lil’ world. Sunday was the work “safari” shower, and Saturday I helped throw a shower for one of my closest friends expecting her first baby. (See a pic on my Instagram.) More on that later, but it’s just the rug DIY today.

DIY faux zebra rug stepsDISCLAIMER:  I did not use a template for either the shape of the rug or drawing the stripe pattern. (No, this does not make me Super Woman. My talents show up in odd places, and there are ENDLESS things I don’t do well…Like iron clothes. Or work out. Or follow cardinal directions.)


-*2 yards faux suede with felt backing
-Martha Stewart Gold “Multi- Surface Metallic Acrylic Craft Paint” 6 oz. bottle
-gold gel ink pen
-large and small flat tip paint brushes

STEP 1 Trace the outline of a hide on the back (felt) side of the fabric in chalk. 
STEP 2  Draw a line down the middle splitting it in half vertically. Fold in half and cut out shape using one side as your guide. This ensures that the shape is symmetrical.
STEP 3 Turn the rug so that the suede side is facing up. Starting with the “legs”, begin drawing the outline of stripes. I freehanded using Brittany’s DIY as an example. She has a trick using kraft paper for a template you can check out. (Don’t over-think this…zebra stripes are not perfect and vary.)
STEP 4  Starting at the top and moving downward, evenly brush on gold paint using large brush to fill and the small brush to outline. 
STEP 5  Allow to dry for several hours before handling.

* I purchased fabric from a local discount fabric store. I think the suede feels more like a genuine hide would, and the felt helps the rug to stay in place. You could use less expensive options like a drop cloth or vinyl. See other bloggers’ posts below for more info.
DIY faux zebra rug 6
I’m just one of many bloggers who tackled the DIY faux zebra rug. Here are several other ladies who had different methods or supplies but gorgeous results:
-First seen on… Caroline’s post for Home Depot
-Brittany of Brittany Makes
-Molly at The Poor Sophisticate
-Kristin at The Hunted Interior

DIY faux zebra rug 5DIY faux zebra rug 4bI’m thrilled that the client love the rug, but it makes me heart a little sad not to have it in my home anymore.

Like the kind of lovesick sad you felt when a middle school crush moved away.

I miss it SO much that I’m considering making a smaller version for our entry. I even thought about using the same materials and technique  to make throw pillows…

Lord knows I can always use more of those.

Throw Pillow Combinations for The Bedroom

Throw Pillow Combinations  Decor Fix

Being from the South, having anything less than 5 throw pillows on a bed feels like a decorating sin.

Let me just break it down for those of you who didn’t grow up with this completely unbalanced pillow obsessed mindset…

It becomes part of a beloved ritual to spend a few minutes every morning and every evening gingerly adding and removing pillows. Girls are trained at a young age to “dress your bed” just like you would a doll. Typically you had a trunk at the foot of your bed or a window seat to pile them on when you slept.

How do you know if you have enough pillows on a bed?  If you can see more than half of your comforter, that’s a problem. Add a couple rounds and lumbar. 

We haven’t had any throw pillows in our master bedroom in a couple years, and it has literally made my heart hurt.

Now I’m ready to “Pillow Up”. (Put THAT on a bumper sticker.)

Our dresser with abstract art was the starting point, and throw pillows are the obvious next choice-not to be taken lightly. We have a very neutral headboard, so it’s like playing with a blank canvas.

I’m loving the colors indigo, coral, and aqua together. I’ve got three throw pillow combinations that I’m considering right now…

Indigo pattern + coral textured + aqua solid
Coral deco + aqua pattern + indigo pattern
Indigo pattern + aqua textured + coral pattern
*A couple pillows sold out since I created this combo, so I substituted links for similar items.

If money was no option, I’d probably buy them all and swap ‘em out like a throw pillow puzzle every morning. (Right now some of you are shaking your head at the computer screen like I’m crazy…and the rest of you are saying, “YEEESSSS. DO IT!”) Those of you with an ability to think rationally about throw pillows, I could use some feedback…

HELP ME. Which option do you like best?

How to Style Abstract Art

*This post is sponsored by Minted.DF abstract art styling 2

People tend to have pretty strong reactions to abstract art. They either hate it or appreciate it.

It’s like the licorice of the art scene.

Usually it’s hard to ignore and lets your mind wander without telling it where to go.

Color. Line. Space. The elements of art all stripped down, like they’re playing an acoustic set without the full band and big production.

At times abstract art may look to be completely random. (At a local exhibit, my husband once loudly exclaimed, “I could do this. A three year old could do this…with their eyes closed!!” Meanwhile I’m shushing him, trying desperately to be cool and cultured and saying that if he brought up Thomas Kincaid one more time I was going to shoot him right then and there.) DF abstract art styling quoteDF abstract art styling boxDF abstract art styling bustDF abstract art styling plant

For the longest time even though I loved it, I wouldn’t let myself use abstract art because I thought it didn’t work with “my style” or my home. 

A few years later, and now my philosophy on design centers around the concept that your home should be a layered collection of all the things you love…Not like a picture out of a magazine.

If you LOVE something, find a way to use it!

I started with the Opus print from Minted. Added a few things…took away a few things. Slept. And then went to Target.[Read More]

Introducing Decor Fix

DFpostintroducingDFHello friends! Today is an exciting day in the life of this blog.

A new name.

A facelift.

A move to a new place on the web has me so excited about this next chapter in the blog.  I’d like to officially  introduce you to Decor Fix and tell you a bit more what you can expect in the future.

The name and focus of The Lovely Cupboard (RIP) was based around the recipes I created when I started blogging. Since then the focus of the blog has changed, and I thought the name should too.

The name Decor Fix has a double meaning…On one hand it reflects my approach to working with clients. I try to offer functional design solutions for their homes and will be sharing some of those “fixes” with you here.

The second meaning has to do with the fact that I’m a decor addict.

Everyone gets their “fix” somehow.

Mine usually comes when I snatch up a new set of throw pillows on sale or stay up until 2am rearranging my living room…while drinking wine and eating Raisinets. (Yes, it’s a combo worth trying.)

-E-Decor Page: This page explains the virtual design services I offer for my clients living anywhere in the U.S. as well as the 3 packages I offer.
-Design Tips Page: Here you’ll find my tips and trends to watch. (Look for much more to come soon!) Also you can check out home tours on this page.
-Projects Gallery: All of my DIY projects, crafts, soirees are categorized, so you can find what you need faster.
-Updated About Page: If you’re curious.
*Easier commenting: Now that I’m on WordPress (wootwoot!) it will be faster for you to comment, and easier for me to respond to you via email.


I have an entire notebook full of ideas and posts to show you how to decorate your home with confidence. Regular columns will include:

    -How To’s & Tips
    -My design work (some local and a lot of E-Decor)
    -Affordable finds
    -Design trends and how to use them in your home
    -A few DIY projects and pretty soirees
    -The occasional ramble about our family, this blog, or being a mom.

I hit the jackpot when I connected with Lisette of High Note Designs. I cannot sing her praises enough. We bonded immediately because we were both teachers who now work freelance in creative fields.

I have worked with a handful of web designers the last four years, and she has been the most AMAZING to collaborate with. She took my sketches and coded them into a virtual reality. Also she handled the transfer of old content, the URL redirection, and even migrating the blog from Blogger to WordPress. (Note to any bloggers: I flippin’ love WordPress. If you are still on Blogger and considering the switch to WordPress, DO IT. Do it now and call Lisette to help.)

I’ve received a couple emails about old recipes that are no longer available.  (Sorry Sarah and Laura!) A lot of the recipes were brought over, but some were not. You can see a list of my favorites at the bottom of the Projects Gallery.

I have some fun projects coming up this fall that I can’t wait to share with you. Also, I’ll be doing some collaborations with shops like Minted, Home Goods, and West Elm that I’ll keep you posted about. I’m already planning some goodies for the holidays too. (Don’t hate me.)

If you receive email updates (RSS feed), you should still be receiving those from the new blog. If you like to devour your favorite blogs at one spot, you can also find me on Bloglovin’. (While  most of you follow me via email, Bloglovin’ really is a great tool to get one email and feed of all the blogs you love in one spot. It’s what I use everyday.)

 Let’s Be Social!
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If you know a friend who’s into the same stuff we are (homes, affordable decor, DIY), I will send you a virtual cupcake if you could let them know where I live on the web.

Whether you’ve been here since the beginning or this is your first visit, I really, really, really appreciate each one of who choose to spend a few minutes of your day here…Even if you’ve never commented, I hope you still feel connected and know that it means a lot to me that you’re reading. Please feel free to shoot me an email anytime with thoughts or questions.

I’ll be back on Thursday with my tips for styling abstract artwork. Chat soon!
*Intro image taken by Lark Photography.