Our Master Bedroom Tour

Master bedroom tour | Decor FixOCCUPATIONAL HAZARD
If you’ve ever had the notion that every room in an interior designer’s home is perfectly decorated, let me just burst that bubble for you right now. In my home, some sad rooms end up like the ugly step children and get completely neglected.

Our poor master bedroom was about 4 years over due on some much needed love and attention, and recently I allowed myself a limited tiny budget and about one week to give it a refresh. We already had all the furniture, so the things on my list were bedding, art, lamps, and a few accessories.

You might ask why the time limit. Here’s the thing…If I allowed myself, I could get so obsessed with all the details that I’d probably Pin no less than 500 images on Pinterest, change my mind a dozen times, and never make a single purchase.

It’s so natural for me to help other people, but when it comes to my own home I suffer from “But what if there’s something better?” syndrome. Then we sleep in a gray box for four years.[Read More]

Lindsay Letters Holiday Collection

Lindsay Letters Holiday 01Lindsay Letters Holiday 04CHRISTMAS STYLIN’
I’ve been counting down the days when I could share this post with you guys, and couldn’t wait to show you the recently launched Lindsay Letters’ 2014 holiday collection. Friends, it is simply beautiful.

A few weeks ago, I had the sheer joy of getting to help with a styled shoot for some of the new stuff. Laura of Lark Photography (one of my “kindred” from college)  has been shooting Lindsay’s work since the shop’s beginning. Not only is she a talented photographer, but the girl can prop style like nobody’s business. Laura and Lindsay have this amazing rhythm together, and it was so much fun to see it firsthand and be a small part of what they do.

The three of us had iced coffee, leggings, a Pandora Christmas station (in October), and a table full of vintage props. What more could you ask for in an afternoon, really?Lindsay Letters Holiday 08Lindsay Letters Holiday 10Lindsay Letters Holiday 07
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12 Places to Find Art for Kids’ Rooms

Art is usually one of the fist things I find for a room, and sometimes a piece of art was the inspiration for an entire room. I feel like kids’ rooms often get overlooked when it comes to art, but art is one of the easiest ways to add whimsy and color to a space for “littles”.

{Side rant…If I see one more crib with large white wooden letters hung on the wall spelling out the baby’s name, I just might lose it. When I see pics of this (done for the millionth time) I want to reach through the screen and shout sweetly suggest to the parents, “There’s AMAZING artwork out there–be better than white letters!!! “}

And if I have just offended one of  you, my dear friend, I am truly sorry…and I’ll offer you a free art consult to get RID of the white letters. Because I believe you’re better than that. I do.

I rounded up 12 of my favorite places to find art for kids’ rooms. I noticed as I was pulling this round-up together that my taste in kids art tends to feel retro. I especially love unique illustrations. It’s always a process for me to narrow down the artwork for a nursery or kids’ room. I usually have too many I want to use.

Try this formula for your art plan: 

1.Something EDUCATIONAL: An ABC or numbers print.
2.Something PERSONAL: Something that matches the interest of your child (or theme of the nursery).
3. Something INSPIRATIONAL: A print with a quote or your child’s name.
4. A CREATURE or CHARACTER: An animal or a pirate or a princess…Something fun like that.

Affordable Art for kids rooms[Read More]

Design Trend: Plates on a Wall

Design Trend: Plates on a wallHanging a collection of plates on a wall is hardly a “trend”. People having been doing this for ages, probably dating back to the cavemen. (Don’t quote me.)

Plate walls can bring interest to a blank space by adding color and pattern. Too traditional for your liking? Remind you of your grandmother’s dining room? I know, I know. BUT I think plate walls are making a comeback, and they look more collected and eclectic this time around. 

Recently I worked on a combination dining/living room for a client, and I decided on a plate collection for her wall. I wanted to tweak the classic recipe to make sure it felt fresh and modern, perhaps a bit bohemian.  I hunted down bold patterns and colors on plates everywhere from Etsy to Crate & Barrel.

If you like the idea of a plate wall, but want to make sure it doesn’t read too traditional, I have a few tips.

1. Use a variety of sizes.
2. Pick bold pops of color and lots of different patterns.
3. Hang in a “scattered” gathering rather than a symmetrical pattern.

Ok, if you’re going to hang plates you HAVE to use these disk plate hangers. I discovered them a few years ago. Back then I had to order them from Europe, but now Hobby Lobby sells them. They are the BEST. All you do is wet the disk and press onto the back of a plate. Then let it dry overnight, and it is completely adhered to the surface. Hang a nail or screw in the wall, and then add your plate! None of those awful, gold spring-loaded plate holders of the olden days. Plus if you want to remove them, you just soak your plate overnight and the disks come right off. They are one my very favorite little tools.

Below is a little snapshot of the E-Decor project this plate wall belongs to. The style for the project was part “bohemian” part “industrial”, and the design used a lot of the clients’ existing furniture. It was a fun project, and soon I’ll get to show you actual rooms pics once everything has been ordered and installed.

If you’d like to see some fun plate walls for inspiration, I added several of my favorites to my “Interior Styling” board on Pinterest.

I sometimes feel like “plates on a wall” should only be used in rooms where it makes sense for them to be…a kitchen or dining room. I’ve seen them used in bedrooms above the bed and in living rooms and feel a little weird about it.

Q: What do y’all think? Can plates on a wall work in “non-eating” spaces?