Lindsay Letters Holiday Collection

Lindsay Letters Holiday 01Lindsay Letters Holiday 04CHRISTMAS STYLIN’
I’ve been counting down the days when I could share this post with you guys, and couldn’t wait to show you the recently launched Lindsay Letters’ 2014 holiday collection. Friends, it is simply beautiful.

A few weeks ago, I had the sheer joy of getting to help with a styled shoot for some of the new stuff. Laura of Lark Photography (one of my “kindred” from college)  has been shooting Lindsay’s work since the shop’s beginning. Not only is she a talented photographer, but the girl can prop style like nobody’s business. Laura and Lindsay have this amazing rhythm together, and it was so much fun to see it firsthand and be a small part of what they do.

The three of us had iced coffee, leggings, a Pandora Christmas station (in October), and a table full of vintage props. What more could you ask for in an afternoon, really?Lindsay Letters Holiday 08Lindsay Letters Holiday 10Lindsay Letters Holiday 07

This was actually the first time Lindsay and I met in person. We’ve been “friends” for a couple years now and have collaborated on a few things like this and this.

I’ve felt like a super creeper saying “my friend Lindsay…” and then explaining, “Well, we’ve never actually met, but we have a friend in common. Oh and we text and email all the time. No, it’s not creepy. Really! I promise.” So obviously I had a complex about it, but now there’s no need.

Lindsay was actually one of the first people who totally encouraged me to quit teaching and pursue creative work. I’ll always be grateful for that. If you’re wondering if she is as sweet and fun and hilarious in person as she seems online, the answer is yes. Yes, a million times.Lindsay Letters Holiday 03
Laura’s friend Gwen (the Makerista) helped on day 2 of shooting (sadly another online “friend” I have yet to meet!) Also Gwen helped Laura totally redecorate her living room, and you can see more on Gwen’s blog. It’s a magazine-worthy space, and I’m completely jealous of Laura’s chandeliers. And sofa. And day bed. And Persian rugs…Mostly of the Persian rugs.

Lindsay Letter Holiday 05

Ok, remember that quote in Home Alone? Mrs. McCallister is trying desperately to buy someone’s seat on a sold out flight to get home to Kevin. After trying everything-including hawking her earrings to a little old lady- she has an epic freak out on the lady at the desk. Then good ol’ John Candy hears her and saves the day.

This quote is hilarious because on paper it looks so sentimental, but if you’ve seen the movie then you know that every syllable is punctuated with utter frustration by a mom who is on her last leg. Sometimes the holidays get us to that point. And sometimes solidarity comes from unlikely sources.

Good news of the day? Lindsay is graciously offering FREE SHIPPING for your guys on anything in the Lindsay Letters Shop  shop until Christmas! Just enter the code: DECORFIXSHIP

Also you can see more of the holiday collection in this beautiful LOOK BOOK. It will having you swooning and ready to decorate for the holidays. Peppermint hot chocolate, Home Alone, and some lovely lettering. That spells Christmas, friends.

*All images taken by the lovely Laura of LARK PHOTOGRAPHY.

12 Places to Find Art for Kids’ Rooms

Art is usually one of the fist things I find for a room, and sometimes a piece of art was the inspiration for an entire room. I feel like kids’ rooms often get overlooked when it comes to art, but art is one of the easiest ways to add whimsy and color to a space for “littles”.

{Side rant…If I see one more crib with large white wooden letters hung on the wall spelling out the baby’s name, I just might lose it. When I see pics of this (done for the millionth time) I want to reach through the screen and shout sweetly suggest to the parents, “There’s AMAZING artwork out there–be better than white letters!!! “}

And if I have just offended one of  you, my dear friend, I am truly sorry…and I’ll offer you a free art consult to get RID of the white letters. Because I believe you’re better than that. I do.

I rounded up 12 of my favorite places to find art for kids’ rooms. I noticed as I was pulling this round-up together that my taste in kids art tends to feel retro. I especially love unique illustrations. It’s always a process for me to narrow down the artwork for a nursery or kids’ room. I usually have too many I want to use.

Try this formula for your art plan: 

1.Something EDUCATIONAL: An ABC or numbers print.
2.Something PERSONAL: Something that matches the interest of your child (or theme of the nursery).
3. Something INSPIRATIONAL: A print with a quote or your child’s name.
4. A CREATURE or CHARACTER: An animal or a pirate or a princess…Something fun like that.

Affordable Art for kids rooms

Top Row (left to right): 
1. “The Charmer Up Close” /  Water In My Paint (ETSY)
2. “It’s Raining (Mr.)” / Blancucha (ETSY)
3. “Muppet Alphabet” / Society 6 (*This site has loads of great art for all ages.)

Second Row:
1. House Illustration / Michele Maule (ETSY)
2. “Sofi and the Fish” / Holi (ETSY)
3. “French Moustache” / Old English Co (ETSY)

Third Row:
1. “Lemons to Lemonade” / Rifle Paper Co
2. “The Peace Van on the Road”/ Minted
3. “Mr. Rutherford Comes for a Visit” / Matte Stephens (ETSY)

Fourth Row:
1. “Aviation 101″ / Land of Nod
2. Gray sheep illustration / Gingiber
3. “Love Block Letter” / The Wheat Field (ETSY)

I love when the comment thread becomes a place for suggestions.
Where have you found great art for kids?

Also, just curious…What art do you remember having in your childhood room?

Design Trend: Plates on a Wall

Design Trend: Plates on a wallHanging a collection of plates on a wall is hardly a “trend”. People having been doing this for ages, probably dating back to the cavemen. (Don’t quote me.)

Plate walls can bring interest to a blank space by adding color and pattern. Too traditional for your liking? Remind you of your grandmother’s dining room? I know, I know. BUT I think plate walls are making a comeback, and they look more collected and eclectic this time around. 

Recently I worked on a combination dining/living room for a client, and I decided on a plate collection for her wall. I wanted to tweak the classic recipe to make sure it felt fresh and modern, perhaps a bit bohemian.  I hunted down bold patterns and colors on plates everywhere from Etsy to Crate & Barrel.

If you like the idea of a plate wall, but want to make sure it doesn’t read too traditional, I have a few tips.

1. Use a variety of sizes.
2. Pick bold pops of color and lots of different patterns.
3. Hang in a “scattered” gathering rather than a symmetrical pattern.

Ok, if you’re going to hang plates you HAVE to use these disk plate hangers. I discovered them a few years ago. Back then I had to order them from Europe, but now Hobby Lobby sells them. They are the BEST. All you do is wet the disk and press onto the back of a plate. Then let it dry overnight, and it is completely adhered to the surface. Hang a nail or screw in the wall, and then add your plate! None of those awful, gold spring-loaded plate holders of the olden days. Plus if you want to remove them, you just soak your plate overnight and the disks come right off. They are one my very favorite little tools.

Below is a little snapshot of the E-Decor project this plate wall belongs to. The style for the project was part “bohemian” part “industrial”, and the design used a lot of the clients’ existing furniture. It was a fun project, and soon I’ll get to show you actual rooms pics once everything has been ordered and installed.

If you’d like to see some fun plate walls for inspiration, I added several of my favorites to my “Interior Styling” board on Pinterest.

I sometimes feel like “plates on a wall” should only be used in rooms where it makes sense for them to be…a kitchen or dining room. I’ve seen them used in bedrooms above the bed and in living rooms and feel a little weird about it.

Q: What do y’all think? Can plates on a wall work in “non-eating” spaces?

Why Your Home Will Never Be “Done” and Why It’s Ok

living room with fiddle leaf fig treeThis post wins the award for longest title ever. I’ve been wanting to write it for some time, but it took me a little while to really articulate my thoughts in a way that I felt made sense outside of my own head. Big proclamation ahead…You ready?

I believe that your home is never, ever “done”.

Even if you happen to have an unlimited bank account and can buy everything you want for your home all at once, it won’t stay that way long. My hope is that this doesn’t stress you out and that by the end of this post (if you make it that far) you’ll actually breathe a sigh of relief knowing it is ok for your house to never really be “finished”.

A few years ago when I first started talking to clients about their struggles in decorating, I could TOTALLY empathize with them because it was exactly how I felt about clothes.

{Confession: I really, REALLY struggle knowing how to dress. Post baby and well into my 30’s, I now feel like getting dressed is a total crapshoot. I cross my fingers and hope I pull something off that’s both age appropriate and somewhat stylish. When I do find an outfit that I feel looks decent, I will wear it for days on end. No Lie.}

This kind of started my wheels turning on this whole decorating your home and building a wardrobe comparison.

If I gave you $10,000 to go out and buy a new wardrobe, you’d be thrilled right? But what if I said you had to spend all the money now and couldn’t buy any other item of clothing for the next 10 years. Might be great for a year or two, but even if the items you chose completely defined your style today, who knows how you will have evolved in 10 years?

Think about your home less like a puzzle with missing pieces and more like a wardrobe that should evolve over time. (Write that down and remember it when you’re feeling overwhelmed.)[Read More]